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Twenty years of experience serving multiple industries with strategic and business planning, project management, business analysis, process improvement and training development and delivery.

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Our Industry Experience

  • Healthcare – Clinic/Office Construction, Neuroscience ICU Renovation, Medical Equipment Replacement, Document Management System, Accounting/Finance Software Replacement
  • Financial Services – Digital Banking Transformation including Launching New Customer-Facing Desktop and Mobile App Online Banking, RFP Print Vendor Evaluation and Selection, Process Improvement, In-House Software Development, Project Management certification class development
  • Manufacturing – Shut Down Old AS400 Mainframe including Transferring Jobs to New Systems; Global Server Refresh including Moving Servers to Virtual Environments
  • Entertainment Industry – DVD distribution and order fulfillment coordination from U.S. for all of Canada; Pricing and Vendor “Mini Projects” offering process improvement
  • Department of Defense – Strategic Plan Training and Creation
  • Training and Development – Multiple industries as well as Project Management Institute
  • Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada – Setting up new Project Management Office (including processes and templates), Rolling 3 and 5-year business planning, In-House Software Development
  • Medical Marijuana (U.S.) – Retail Store Construction (in a highly regulated state environment), Manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (including video of processes)

We Solve Real Problems

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Are you experiencing any of the following challenges in your organization?

  • Inability to get everyone on the same page for planning and decision-making
  • Lack of clarity in purpose, direction, portfolio management or project management
  • Developing focused, targeted training when and where you need it
  • Inefficiencies and other unidentifiable pitfalls siphoning away your profits
  • Projects that seem to go off the rails the moment they start

Our consulting experts have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you identify and eliminate pain points, often starting out by “fishing for you” while at the same time “teaching you to fish” for yourself. Firefighting is the short-term solution, training is long-term, and we are your one-stop shop for it all. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Strategic and Business Planning

Develop a clear direction for your business large or small, including rolling 3-5 year business planning and breaking that down into quarterly and monthly goals which then become your company’s project portfolio. Templates and process included if desired.

Project Management

Whether you require internal training or a Master Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in multiple industries, find your project’s and Project Management Office’s most successful future with us. Templates and process included if desired.

Business Analysis

From current vs future state to industry trends and quality concerns, if any portion of your business is struggling, our analysis services give you a competent conclusion, concrete steps forward and confidence that you’re on the right track. Templates and process included if desired.

Process Improvement

Gain efficiencies and identify both gaps and opportunities for improvement with our homegrown easily, repeatable process improvement methodology, incorporating the best parts of Six Sigma and multiple other methodologies. Templates and process included if desired.

Training Development and Delivery

Employees need training in a variety of disciplines related to your organization’s well-being and growth. Invest in educating them and your company reaps the rewards. We offer both tailored and general training via recordable webinars that become your permanent assets.

Affordable Remote Customer Service

Customer service is a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer a highly experienced customer service team tailored to your needs, specializing in everything from customer queries, resolving complaints and issues and sales, to educating customers and gauging the growth of the business. It is vital for a business to offer customer service in order to be truly successful, at a cost your company can afford.

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